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Exhibits, props
Items Rules Single-bit
Consulting desk 974×474×760㎜ Zhang Extended
Glass Round Table Diameter:80㎜或90㎜
Folding long table 1200×480×760㎜
Square table 650×650×700㎜
High-back chair Blue
Plastic chair Red, blue, green, orange, yellow
Crystal Chair Red, blue, green, orange, tea
Glass low cabinet 1000×500×900㎜
Glass display case 1000×500×1800㎜
Metal mid-plane display stand 900×350×1600㎜
One arm 950×300㎜
Etiquette Fence Elongated 1.2M/group Group Day
Booth carpeting 3×3 Stalls and Extensions
Booth carpeting 3×2 Stalls and Extensions

Electrical equipment
Items Rules Single-bit
Pure water 5Gallons Barrel
Pre-order plasma 42Inch Tai Extension
Items Model Inner diameter Pressure
mm MPA
Pre-booking air compressor S30 10 0.9
Description: Other rental items please go to the pavilion service desk to consult