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Live photos

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Nanjing Sugar Wine Show Site


    August 7, 17:00, by the China Liquor Circulation Association, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce guidance, Jiangsu Province Liquor Industry Association, China Trade International Economic and Trade Promotion Service Center, China Trade (Jiangsu) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Anhui China Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the "2nd China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair"

(hereinafter referred to as CNWFF Nanjing Sugar Wine Festival) in Nanjing International Exhibition Center successfully concluded, the scale of a new high, professional buyers to a new high, the number of exhibitors to a new high, and achieved fruitful results. According to statistics, the exhibition area of more than 30,000 square meters, a total of more than 1000 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and exhibit nearly 10,000 kinds of liquor, food and related products, compared with the first exhibition area and exhibitors have a greater growth.
Preliminary statistics three-day exhibition time visitors have now exceeded 50,000, which has also become the largest number of regional professional exhibitions held in Nanjing in recent years, the exhibition three-day turnover totaled 2.378 billion yuan. On August 5, 2017, it opened at 9:30 a.m. at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The leaders and guests at the opening ceremony were: Wang Xinguo, President of the China Liquor Circulation Association, Zhong Locklin, Deputy Inspector of the Jiangsu Provincial Commerce Department, Ding Rongyu, Vice President of the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Peng Dejun, Executive Secretary of the China Poetry and Wine Culture Association, Pan Xiansheng, President of the Jiangsu Federation of Commerce, Chen Guolock, President of the Jiangsu Liquor Industry Association, Wang Jianying, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of Jiangsu Liquor Industry Association, Zhu Yueming, President of Zhejiang Liquor Circulation Association, Lu Ronghua, Honorary President of Shanghai Liquor Circulation Association, Jia Fucheng, President of Anhui Hui cuisine Industry Development Promotion Association, Wang Yaping, President of Shenzhen Liquor Circulation Association, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of Hubei Liquor Circulation Association Gu Hu, Heilongjiang Province Food Industry Association Secretary-General Car has Spring, Jiangsu Province Culinary Association Secretary-General Zhou Mingyuan, Hunan Province Wine Association Secretary-General Zheng Yingping, Su Liquor Group Trading Co., Ltd. Gao Zhifeng, Jiangsu This World Wine Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Yang Dong, Jiangsu Tanggou two-phase and wine industry Co., Ltd. Liu Yongxiang, Huang Tingming, Chairman of Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Brewing Co., Ltd., Huang Xuejun, Director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Commerce, Yang Yanhui, Deputy Director of the Department of Operations and Consumer Promotion of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Xie Wenbin, President of Guangxi Agricultural Products Circulation Association, Xia Netsheng, Director of the Liquor Management Office of jiangsu Province Department of Commerce, Mr. Li Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the Liquor Management Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Mr. Li Xiaodong, Director of the Department of Market Operation and Consumer Promotion of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiang Wei, Research Officer of the Market Operation and Consumer Promotion Department of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, yin Xuelin, Deputy Director of the Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Department of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, The Director of the Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Department, Xiaoli, Xu Donghai, Executive Secretary of Zhejiang Liquor Circulation Association, Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Business Federation, Qian Quanming, Secretary-General of the Nanjing Liquor Industry Association Xu Aijia, and from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi, Shandong, Hunan, Shenzhen Province and City Liquor Industry Association leader, guests. The host, Du Lei, director of Shandong China Trade International Promotion Service Center and chairman of China Trade International Convention and Exhibition, presided over the opening ceremony. Vice President Wang Jianying and Secretary-General delivered a welcoming speech, Wang Xin's New Congress Man and Vice-President Zhong Locklin spoke separately, and President Chen Guolock opened.

Big business gathering, famous enterprises gathered


    Reporters found in the venue, this Nanjing sugar wine will be large-scale, high-grade.

Jiangsu Province, a certain scale of wine enterprises basically all exhibiting. Such as Yanghe shares, the world's leading wine industry, Tanggou two phases and wine industry, Jiangsu Yuzhen wine industry, Double Ditch wine industry, dry day wine industry. This is rare in regional sugar wine tastings, because in recent years, regional sugar wine business school function is more obvious, the province's leading enterprises rarely meet at regional sugar wine reception.

Five changes into new trends in the industry
Wine industry has a language cloud "The East China has the world", Jiangsu as the most important economic province in East China, the consumption of wine and water consumption is strong, Nanjing as the capital city of the whole of Jiangsu Province has strategic significance, which is also the reason why Nanjing sugar wine will be concerned by enterprises inside and outside Jiangsu Province.

      Wang Xinguo, president of the China Liquor Circulation Association, said that Nanjing is an important industrial city and economic center in the Yangtze River Delta, the consumption level has been leading the whole country, and Jiangsu Province's wine food market is more inclusive, not only wine-making province, but also a major province of liquor consumption, wine products production and sales in the national liquor market among the best, Jiangsu market is also a well-known wine brands at home and abroad. This sugar wine wine is a wise choice for Jiangsu wine industry, for Jiangsu region and even East China sugar wine food industry to develop a new pattern of construction is of great significance.

      As a representative of the organizers, Chen Guolock, president of the Jiangsu Liquor Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce), said that the Nanjing Sugar Wine Fair is another large-scale sugar and wine food fair held in Nanjing after 2016, aiming to establish a platform for cooperation, exchange and win-win situation for liquor enterprises. With this platform, wine friends from all over can face-to-face communication, the use of sugar wine wine market weather vane, analysis of trends, clear thinking, clear direction, and seek common development plans, in order to create a new wine industry brilliant to make new contributions.


      Wang Jianying said that in recent years, Jiangsu Province wine enterprises formed a Yanghe as the leader, the current world, Qianlong Jiangnan, Tanggou two phases and, Royal Jane wine industry, gold pavilion and other brands of common development pattern, for the development of Su wine has laid a good brand matrix foundation.

    In addition to high specifications, the Nanjing Sugar Wine Festival also has the following five changes more prominent:
Consumption of diversified wine and wine category rich: Jiangsu Province in addition to liquor, yellow wine consumption is also quite large, to this sandbar yu Huang as the representative of the province's yellow wine enterprises in this Nanjing sugar wine wine wine wine wine is more eye-catching; The scale of wine exhibitors at this sugar wine conference has been close to the scale of the participation of liquor enterprises.


    Brand enterprises bring their own flow: this sugar wine party in Jiangsu and the province and other well-known wine brand attention is higher, while small and medium-sized wine enterprises need to through modeling, WeChat raffle, sweeping code gift-giving and other activities to gather popularity.


      Su wine culture, shine: It is worth mentioning that at the Nanjing Sugar Wine Festival, by Jiangsu Qianlong Jiangnan Wine Co., Ltd. named "2017 China (Nanjing) Sugar and Wine Food Trade Summit" so that "Qianlong Jiangnan Mianju No. 1" this product shines. Qianlong Jiangnan focus category, quality, brand development foundation, to create special, excellent, U.S. enterprises new positioning, expand the "wine industry, cultural tourism and health industry" of the new industrial pattern has been unanimously recognized by the leaders.


    Salt enterprises after the salt reform first exhibit: In May this year, the State Council issued the "Salt Industry Reform Program", so that China's salt industry government pricing, regional monopoly pattern was broken, which also made the salt enterprises for the first time at the Nanjing sugar wine party.


     Business school functions are still outstanding: not only for exhibitors to provide a platform to showcase transactions, supporting activities are also exceptional. During the exhibition held the "Guangxi specialty marketing national Nanjing station docking meeting", "in the Internet era how dealers operate new products listed", "National Wine Industry Innovation Leading Summit and Nanjing Wine Industry Summit Forum", "New Trends, New Standards, New Habits" theme forum - on the new development of China's wine industry" and other thematic forums. All over the professionals and other participation in the tasting, become an important scenery of the exhibition.


    During this sugar reception, foreign dealers outside Jiangsu Province to visit the procurement, these professional audience for the promotion of trade between exhibitors and professional audience spree laid the foundation, but also to facilitate the exhibition organizers for professional audience to provide convenient, efficient and targeted services. Professional buyers radiation throughout North China, central regions, East China, including the southwest, northeast and other regions have a large number of buyers to attend.



        The second China (Nanjing) International Sugar Wine Fair has achieved outstanding results, leaving a wonderful sum, to achieve another perfect change in china trade exhibition. Many alcoholic food enterprises in Nanjing International Sugar Wine Festival held during the booking of December 8-10, 2017 the third Nanjing International Sugar Wine Conference booth, looking forward to the next six dynasties ancient capital, Jinling re-gathering!