Reasons to visit CNWFF

If you are the agents, wholesalers, traders, supermarkets in the wine and food industry, the person in charge of purchasing, the industry, if you want to get more new business opportunities, please even if you are busy to visit the exhibition, make contacts, get business opportunities, recharge the batteries to learn, is a big gathering of the industry, but also to seek business opportunities of the best opportunities, welcome friends in the industry to come to visit!

Thousands of enterprises on the same stage, ten thousand products. Gathering industry domestic brand exhibitors, will display ten thousand kinds of new products, is an important opportunity to negotiate cooperation, seek business opportunities.

Second, a huge flow of people, information flow. More related enterprises and agents and distributors will be invited to participate in the industry's big party, you can get the industry's most cutting-edge information and development trends and business opportunities.

Third, learning and charging. Industry authorities, dignitaries, experts gathered to organize a number of technical forums, training activities, development of the Summit Forum is an important opportunity for you to learn to charge, to solve the problems encountered in the course of your business.