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2021 10th China (Nanjing) International Wine & Food Fair

Exhibition Date: August 3-5, 2021 Exhibition
Address: Nanjing International Exhibition Center


一、The history of the exhibition 
      Nanjing, as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has always been a political, economic and cultural center in Jiangsu Province and even east China. Nanjing consumption level is relatively high, the wine food market is very inclusive, is an open market, wine food consumption capacity is very strong, ranked in the forefront of the national liquor market. 

From November 20 to 22, 2020, the 2020 Ninth China (Nanjing) International Food Expo has been grandly held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is 50,000 square meters and there are more than 1,800 exhibitors. Attracted more than 80,000 professional dealers and purchasers from 16 provinces and cities across the country to visit the meeting. The accumulated transaction volume reached RMB 2.28 billion, setting a new record for the transaction volume of food exhibitions at home and abroad in the post-epidemic era.

China (Nanjing) International Food Expo is based in Nanjing and radiates to East China. It is a professional-level event positioned in the B2B of China's food industry. Under the support and guidance of relevant units, after just four years, it has become one of the most important exhibitions in the food industry after the National Sugar and Wine Fair, and has been rated as one of the AA-level exhibitions by the Jiangsu Convention and Exhibition Industry Association. , Its scale effect and influence have been highly recognized by the industry and even the world, which has greatly promoted the rapid development of the food industry. In addition, after more than two years of strict audit and on-site review by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), in May 2020, it officially passed the certification of the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) and officially ranked among the world's top exhibitions. This indicates that Nanjing Food Expo has been fully recognized by the international convention and exhibition industry for the organizer and organizer's ability to organize and organize the exhibition, as well as the internationalization, specialization, and brand operation of the exhibition. It has made great contributions to promoting the development of my country's food-related industries.

二、the exhibition economy continued
    In order to promote the rapid development of the sugar and wine food industry in Jiangsu Province, the "2021 The 10th China (Nanjing) International Wine & Food Fair" will be held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center from August 3 to 5, 2021.
    It is expected that more than 1600 enterprises will participate in the exhibition,50,000 and professional visitors, 100 and more cooperative media. The exhibition will return to Nanjing with a new look, vigorously reform and innovation, shaping the new pattern of wine industry development.


三、Sponsor strength
    China Trade Group is a business group established on the basis of Shandong China Trade International Economic and Trade Promotion Service Center (under the shandong provincial commerce department business director of non-enterprise units), China Trade Group has formed a cross-industry integrated group of companies, the industry involves economic activities and exhibition hosting, exhibition hall operations, information industry and other fields. It owns more than a dozen wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Shandong China Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Anhui China Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Yantian Exhibition Co., Ltd., Anhui Huayu Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shandong China Trade Jiangsu International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Qingdao China Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shandong Gaoden International Cultural Media Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, Guangzhou, China  

  Wuhan, Shenyang, Chengdu and other provinces and cities with offices, China Trade Group was established 17 years as China's famous Expo host institutions, is China's establishment of an earlier, the largest scale of the exhibition institutions. China Trade Group each year throughout the country to host more than 30 large-scale expositions, including sugar wine food exhibition in Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities held more than 12 each year, has become the national regional sugar wine tour exhibition founder.
    China Trade Group has more than 60,000 cooperative exhibitors, more than 3 million dealers, buyers data resources, in the food exhibition has a huge resources and exhibition advantages, China Trade Group will continue to work deeply for the sugar and wine food industry, continuous innovation, for enterprises to open up the market to build an international platform, in order to promote the rapid development of the industry and strive. China Trade Group in 2018 has been in Jinan, Shandong, Anhui Hefei, Jiangsu Nanjing and other provinces and cities to hold more than 10 wine fairs, food exhibitions, food and beverage exhibitions, forming a linkage investment, resource interaction and sharing.

Groups at home and abroad exhibiting
     CNWFF Nanjing Sugar Fair attracted exhibitors from 23 countries and regions around the world. Among them are: Australia Pavilion, Russian Pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion, Spanish Pavilion, Thailand Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, etc. Group Exhibition, China Taiwan Pavilion and 25 provinces and cities on the mainland, Shanxi Province Department of Commerce, Heilongjiang Provincial Commerce Department, Jilin Department of Commerce, Guangxi Commerce Department, Hainan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Inner Mongolia, Fujian Zhangzhou Municipal Government group to participate in the meeting.

五、Well-known enterprises at home and abroad gather
       CNWFF Nanjing sugar reception has attracted well-known enterprises from home and abroad to attend, some enterprises have participated in a number of consecutive exhibitions. Liquor representative enterprises are: Maotai, Wuliang, Yanghe, Luzhou old cellar, Gujing, this world, welcome, Tanggou, Lai Mao, Diaoyutai, liquor, golden seeds, Jingyanggang, Kongfu banquet, Dukang, the world grain silo, Waizhuang, Jinsha huisha and other well-known enterprises to attend; Australia's Xuannai, Luther Knight, Ding International, Maple Bo Wine Industry, Mihir, Gadal Manor, Graff, Fort Wijnaldum, Girent, Kuxin, Baoyu, Chinese Wine and other well-known enterprises attended; Jiu li Xiang, 100-year-old Tang, Hongcheng, Zhejiang, Gunanfeng and other well-known enterprises to attend the meeting; Under the hawthorn tree, The Heavenly Garden, Lulu, Qingdao comprehensive food sea beads, Dong A gum, Unno and other well-known enterprises to attend the meeting;

Exhibition information

Name: CNWFF 2021 The 10th China (Nanjing) International Wine & Food Fair
Time: August 3-5, 2021
Point: Nanjing International Exhibition Center Address: 88 Longyu Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

七、Division of the exhibition area
1, traditional liquor;
2, wine and spirits;
3, food;
4, beverages;
5, condiments;
6, food machinery and packaging;
7, e-commerce group exhibition area;
8, media, associations and others;
One-on-one invitation: The company already has a large database of buyers.

The Organizing Committee will launch a comprehensive "one-on-one invitation plan for visitors", for the database of more than 360,000 professional merchants, by the audience organization department by telephone, fax, SMS, mail, send invitations and other forms, one-on-one professional invitation to customers;
Media publicity: through the cooperation of a number of professional media websites and newspapers, magazines, television stations and other comprehensive media to the exhibition of non-stop nationwide wide-ranging publicity and promotion;
Exhibition publicity: the organizing committee will send personnel to participate in the national peer exhibition, the exhibition to carry out all-round publicity, invited exhibitors and professional audience;
Mail letter: The organizing committee will print 150,000 invitations, invitations, 300,000 tickets to visit through mail, distribution and other forms of extensive publicity of the exhibition, to fully ensure that the target customers and professional audience to the meeting; Press release: held a wine and food industry launch, directly in the face of professional merchants to carry out publicity and audience organization work;

CAWFF means: 

Comprehensive: the most effective communication platform for the food and liquor industry
Innovation: Innovative exhibition architecture makes it easy for trade visitors to find target exhibitors Precision: China's trade products must be fine.
Accurately invite the most decision-making professional audience and end-consumers in the industry
Authority: The government's key support projects, industry-admired event
Convenient: high-quality exhibition visit service, let you participate in the peace-free Efficient: Rich topics and forums to create an efficient business exchange platform